Don’t Be Tricked by the Myth of “One Passion”

You are a human being, not a dog looking for a bone.

Why It is Essential to Have More than One Passion

If you restrict yourself to only one passion, it is an artificial act — like trying to tell your hair and nails to stop growing. The very flow of life is towards passion, towards energy, towards growth!

You Should Have Passion for Everything You Undertake in Life!

Passion is not like jet fuel — it is not something rare and limited in quantity. The more you use up, the more you’ll have! It is like one of those self replicating charms in Harry Potter. If you touch one, it multiples into many!

Don’t Be Afraid of Being Passionate

There may be aunts and uncles and teachers and unhealed friends who advise you to not be passionate, because they don’t want you to get hurt — but, get this: if you don’t pursue your passion, you will end up hurt anyway. You will end up living a numb life, disconnected from yourself, from the fuel that keeps you alive, from your self healing mechanism. Those aunts & uncles and “caring” friends may not be brave enough to tell you this, but I am :)

Economics, data science, technology, innovation. Author of “Cownomics.” IIT, MIT Alum. Publication: Holler at

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