To Be or Not to be Stupid, That is the Question

Unfortunately, most people choose to be.


Oh, and the captions. How can I miss those. Singular and plural. Past tense, present tense, future tense, articles — all these things have become passée. English language as it exists today is Languish — lame English. Only some purists and editors languish over the degradation of English to Languish. The others just enjoy the ride. Commas and semicolons are a thing of the previous century; we don’t really need those any more as there isn't enough room in people’s brains for all the other rules of the language, so why cram it up with all the punctuation marks. Creates even more room for error.

The CXO Syndrome

And the professional networks. I thought the whole point of that was to find jobs and hire people. It defeated my imagination to think of what else that could possibly be for. I think I’m not imaginative enough. So now you share the same trash there too, only in a more “professional language” — Panguish — robed in coats and fancy suits. Panguish is the version of Languish that is spoken when wearing “formals” — expensive suits and coats and skirts. It gives the purists and the grammarians pangs to see a new dialect of Languish not only sprouting up but blooming on. That is just an indication that Languish is gaining more and more ground with every passing day. Panguish is spoken by Co-founders, CEO’s, CBO’s CFO’s, CCO’s, … basically add any letter between C and O. That makes your job title. It sounds fancy, hep & in line with the latest fashion trends when it comes to job titling. Initially, I thought people put in a whole lot of thought into creating a job title. Either I was wrong before or it is too run-of-the-mill now. Just add any unused letter between C and O, and there you go. Next.. ? So all the professional networks have two goals: fancy job titles (since other social networks are supposed to be “cool” and don’t include that) and promoting Panguish.

Homo Stupidus

So, going back to what I was saying — all of social media is a scam. Some smartass realized that people are not happy with the way they are, with who they are, and have an immense neeeeeed to show themselves as something else — something bigger, better — to the world so they can (fake) feel good about themselves. The same someone saw a big business opportunity there, and made the most of it. Since the whole day people just see others posting all this stuff about how awesome they are, they feel mortified, and hence join the gang, just to show how awesome they are. No one wants to miss this bus.

People Suffer Because They Are Stupid

Stupidity is so rampant nowadays that it is almost like a condition, more severe than ADHD. It turns out ADHD wasn’t really a proper condition. Someone got medicine all wrong, eh? In a world so infested with stupidity, a slight deviation from normal (read dumb), would definitely be a “condition” for the stupid, no? Well, in my opinion, the real conditions healthcare professions should be worried about are addiction to social media, talking too much, buying too much, socializing too much and cribbing too much about your idiotic job, combined with showing off about the same job on social media. It is going to lead to serious health issues in the future. I haven’t as yet been able to figure out what will be the nature of these health conditions, but I am completely, utterly certain that they will be severe and will have a common factor attached to them — stupidity. Science is yet to catch up, I know. When it does, they will realize that the biggest reason for why people suffer is because they are stupid. And the cure is rather simple: choose intelligence. You can thank me later, I’m not in a hurry.

Economics, data science, technology, innovation. Author of “Cownomics.” IIT, MIT Alum. Publication: Holler at

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