Why “It should look nice” is Not a Design Brief

If you are a designer, you’ve been there.

#1 Good Designers Seldom Do “Bad” Designs on Purpose

Good design is a habit. It is not even as much a skill as a habit. The skill becomes something like a “conditioned reflex” where you are, in some ways, incapable of doing a bad design — unless you are down with a deadly disease or are facing a mental breakdown and the likes.

#2 It Shows You Don’t Know What You Want

Hence, you have little right to complain if what the designer does isn’t “up to your expectations.” It is neither fair nor sensible to bash up a designer for a crime they didn’t commit and a problem they didn’t want in the first place.

#3 What Is the Purpose of Your Design? Specify That

The biggest hurdle business owners & marketing managers run into is — not knowing what the heck is a design brief or how to go about filling a loooooong form when they are given that.

Economics, data science, technology, innovation. Author of “Cownomics.” IIT, MIT Alum. Publication: arandomvariable.com Holler at artiagarwal@pm.me

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