Why We Need To Talk About Failure

Failure sucks. Success is glamorous. Therein starts the problem.

Success is Beautiful. Failure is Ugly

We love success. We admire successful people because they are successful. We are ready to forego the many faults, traits and other flaws in people if they are successful as per our parameters. We set our goals, our ambitions, our to-dos, our hopes, our dreams, our idols, our heroes based on success.

Stop Judging & Shaming People & Yourself for Failing

The problem with failure is not just failure. Failure is only 25% of the problem with failure.

There is a certain stigma attached to failure. And that is the real problem with failure.

We all know, theoretically, that failure is a part of success. But we don’t live it in practice when we see someone or ourselves facing failure.

The Episodic Idea of Success And Failure

The biggest flaw in perceptions around failure and success are the episodic ideas of both — both are seen in short term, and labelled as one or the other, without much thought. But, that label sticks and may do a lot of damage than good.

Failure IS Important

No, I am not on a mission to glorify failure. But I am not shy to say that failure IS IMPORTANT.

But, What Happens When We Talk About Failure…

Eleven years ago, I had hit a wall. I could be called “successful” using worldly parameters but I did not qualify myself as that. I felt I was beyond repair.

Economics, data science, marketing, technology, policy. Publication: randomvariable.cc Holler at artiagarwal@pm.me

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